Conceived with the idea of 'Halal' in Year 1999, we started our company “Halal Products” in the year 2000 in India with a dream to provide Muslim brothers products that are 100% Halal.

After surveying number off Indian Sates & visiting various other Countries we had started & initiated to introduce Halal range of products in India. Least to say, that all the ingredients that are used into the making of Halal products are of vegetable origin.

We are the first to introduce Halal range of FMGC products in India, have in-depth study & doing business since early 2000.

In the year 2002, we setup an office in UAE to expand its reach to international markets.

Primarily focusing on the Middle East & Northern African (MENA) territory, Halal products are marketed in countries like Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Sudan, Morocco etc.

Currently our brand “HALAL” is registered in INDIA, GCC and in some parts of African countries.

The company has setup a soap manufacturing unit in Mumbai, India in the year 2010 to cater to the increasing demands of its growing network of 40+ distributors in India plus international clients.

Lastly we would say: ‘Halal’ is a brand that stands for purity.
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